Insecure Security

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. -William Shakespeare

I know, you don’t feel worthy and you feel as though the world already has someone that’s good at what you do. Having doubts is natural but what isn’t natural, is to let it hold you back from seeing positive changes in your life.

I can guarantee that there were moments when, your partner or friend or anyone who’s willing to help asked, why you do believe you’re not good enough? and you didnt have an actual reason as to why that is but your emotional evidence that you’ve been brewing begs to differ.

We put all our energy in searching for anything that reminds us of the time or incident we experienced, thats remotely close to this exaggerated emotion we have built up over the years.

I’m here to tell you it’s okay, if you’re going through this right now or did at one point. Trust me.

It’s okay to fall flat on your face and struggle putting the pieces back together, or not even bothering to figure yourself out because it’s exhausting to start over again.

I’ve been there, in fact in certain aspects in my life, I’ve been working on healing my broken self and boy, I’ve learnt a lot!

The things I came to realise was that;

1. There are layers to this.

Yes! my sexy souls, there are layers. Every time we experience a breakdown that just feels so similar to something we had already overcome, it’s because we’ve just levelled up. Just imagine each aspect of our lives are tall mountains; relationship, family& friends and career and every time we slip or slightly loosen our grip it freaks us out and shut us down, leaving us to go into an emotional frenzy. Only to get us to tighten and better our grip by holding on the parts of the rocks that can keep us steady; enabling us to strengthen ourselves to grew through it.

Yes, it all feels too familiar but the situation is different from before, just like our tears are the same but the situations change. I’ve learnt that sometimes, the pieces aren’t meant to come back the way they once were only because in order for you, to grow and make the most out of your life and become that Sexy Spiritual Soul that you truly are, the world needs to experience a different version of you. Let’s face it sweetie, you wouldn’t want to go to the future and see the same you facing the same issues and hasn’t left her place. Do you?

No! Of course not, experiences mould us and sometimes that means carving out parts of you in order to become that gorgeous feline you’re destined to be. So keep climbing by accepting it, for what it is. its going to be okay, just let this feeling pass through you.

2. Don’t dwell on it.

DON’T. The process is painful and yes you’ll hear all those negative thoughts telling you everything you’re not. By all means start, by understanding that what your experiencing is true to you and be there for yourself as a friend and not as a jury collecting emotional evidence to use it against yourself in the court of law of attraction. You’re not perfect to look at yourself at your worst and judge like you’re big brother; making your soul feel as though the world is seeing this when in actuality, it’s you.

But Let that sink in for a minute… Your eyes and how you see yourself is the world. Only you can make yourself feel the world is watching you through the four walls of you bedroom. Whatever you see is how the world views you not what you’re looking at, it’s how you’re looking you.

Be friend yourself and understand why she is feeling this way and take the time to solve her problems by telling her the truth and if you don’t know the answer she is asking you, then pray on finding a better outlook for her. Yes, you are worth the prayers and compassion;its pointless sharing your gifts to others when you can experience it and grow with it for yourself.

3. Be secure your insecurity

It’s okay to have insecurities, everyone has it and if they say they don’t

Well they haven’t tried new things to expand and grow, allowing themselves to be a more well-rounded individual. When we face with the things that brings us down whether its self-doubt or physical, mental and spiritual insecurity. The emotions that tends to back up the negative thoughts is not our enemy. In fact, it’s a tool that be can use to push us forward if we allow ourselves to understand what those emotions are actually telling us.

When a thought pops up from nowhere saying I feel so dumb, I’m not great a writing to be a blogger or wise enough to able to share and fulfil my purpose in the world; what our emotion is really telling us is “Help! she is beating herself up, lets help her get good are what she’s scared of to see her happy and confident again” but instead, we listen to the self doubt and confuse our emotional compassion as a confirmation. We didn’t take the time to understand ourselves and we ended up dwelling into the feeling; protecting ourselves from bettering ourselves.

Insecurities are little red flags notifying you that, there is something you don’t feel great about today and your soul wants you to be secure enough to know youre capable ofovercoming this. Take a hard look inside of yourself and strengthen your self-esteem, knowing that the mind, body and soul is your army not an enemy. Dont should shield from it, embrace it.

You’re greater than the little hurdles and your adventure is worth so much more to you and others than you can ever imagine.

4. Don’t cradle others to your grave.

Helping others is amazing but to see them grow and overcome the same problem you couldn’t by Your help!.

Sweetie, we are in despresate need for a spiritual intervention. That gift is to inspire people to build themselves not to just baby them and bulid a house for someone who is going to lock you out of the door. Don’t get me wrong its beautiful to help but if it’s to distract you from taking care of you, then theres a problem because you’ve found the answer helping others but you’re too exhausted to help yourself because you’ve experience a fake high from uplifting someone else. When in reality, it should motivate you to get you back on your own feet.

It happens. We tend to help them and live through their growth and not experience the full richness of evolving,and then we wonder why our relationships failed or people grew out of being with us. Because we are still the same.

Sweetie, I’m saying this because I’ve been there but you got to understand if your friends helped you grow out of something, and yet saw those same friends acting the same wayas you did.. wouldnt you think, because they’ve helped you, they would have done it by now. Helping them would risk taking you back to square -1, only because they know exactly how to talk you in and out of motivating yourself.

Not everyone is brave enough to grow, it’s because the process is a battlefield…everyone wants to be the butterfly but no one wants to put themselves in a cocoon and transform.

Short cuts for long term goals is not logical. In fact, it’s what’s leaves us to feel helpless and broken, sometimes we are falling into the same things over again just because we didn’t understand what it is at first, but it’s never really the same experience because with every similar incident there is a slight growth thats happened. No matter how small it is, we are still moving forward.

So what’s it going to be sexy? Ready to sit yourself down and accept your beautiful adventure? Listen to that inner girl, I believe in you.

Much love, 💋