New City Experience.

The journey was going smoothly , thank God . It was my first time leaving Calabar. I had gotten an internship, and I was going to be away for two months. I was excited . I kept looking at my Google map , to be sure we were on the right route. Yes , I know, "fear fear".

“ We don reach oh ". The driver said . Looking outside , I saw a sign board saying "Jibowu". A lady led a short thank you prayer, we all joined in; after all, we must reverence God, he had brought us safely . We all alighted, taking our luggage one by one .I had one box, I travelled lightly . I had heard of the famous market , and I planned to go shopping there . Well, according to my little pocket . I walked out of the park, the city was rowdy; people walking up and down like ants. The city was hot. It was not like Calabar at all. "Egbeda! " Egbeda! " a man shouted , calling passer byes towards his bus . "Omole! "Omole" another shouted.The names were funny . I walked towards a man who was eating "Amala" with a soup I later got to know to be "ewedu". "Good afternoon sir " I said .

" ehn afatun" . "Kilode" he said.

" Please what bus do I enter ?, I’m going to "Onigbonbo" I struggled to say .

He laughed , licking the soup off his hands , he said " Sheshede". Which means " see JJC".

"Ehn my dear, you would enter a bus going ..."

We were in "go slow" for almost two hours. As I sat in the crowded BRT, I studied my environment . The city was loud. I watched as two women fought and almost stripped themselves, reigning curses at each other like

"ode nie",


It was an enterraining sight. I honestly couldn’t wait to start living in the city. I however wished that where I’d be living wouldn’t be as loud. As I stayed gazing, the insults by a woman got my attention .

"God punish you "

"Didirin" (fool)


"Omo ale" (bastard ).

Apparently , the man sitting behind her had been carressing her backside with the tip of his dick, while stroking his shaft. She didn’t notice anything , until she felt something warm on her back side . His cum. “Ewwwww” I said out loud. I had never in my life heard or seen where someone masturbates in a public place. A bus for that matter . Spit filled my mouth from disgust .

"God forbid" I thought to myself .

I had finally gotten to my stop , and I couldn’t wait to get down from the bus . As she got down from the bus , the woman still insulted the man.

" ode buruku" (bloody fool) and hissed . As I waited to board my final bus heading home, I held my box tightly and my handbag. I had heard stories of road theft in the city . I wasn’t going to be their latest victim . Two men ran towards me , they were chasing a boy who had stolen bread they said . As the boy ran , he knocked over a woman’s basin of Garri. " Ewo" she wailed. She chased after them for a bit , and came back to her Garri on the floor , when she saw there was no use . I could tell she was a struggling trader . I felt pained for her .

" Tie ma baje lodin din" she said as she scooped the top of her Garri.

" Tie ma baje lodin din" . She kept repeating . It meant " Your own will spoil in full".

"Ko ni dafun iya e" was the last thing I heard her say as she scooped the last salvagable part of her garri. It meant "It will not get better for your mum".

I got into the bus , and the conductor arrogantly said:

"Wo if you nor get your exact money , no change for you ".

We all ignored the conductor , thinking he was bluffing . A man wanted to alight , and his fee was 250 naira. He gave the conductor 300 naira , and the conductor replied "no change". The man sarcastically laughed and said

" Ma wo weyrey yi" ( See this mad man).

He demanded for His change and the conductor replied saying

" S’onsiere ni?" ( are you crazy ?) " You nor hear when I talk say no change ? Abi you deaf ?".

And just like that , the driver parked the bus for an argument of 50 naira change . " Ah!! This Lagos sef!! Is this how it is ?" I asked myself loudly, with so much annoyance in my voice . The guy sitting next to me turned and asked

"Your first time ?”


Smiling , he said

" welcome "...

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