The $BEACH is an ECR20 token with unique investment strategies, use cases and working towards making our oceans plastic free and the $BEACH ecosystem, carbon neutral.

Come and relax on the $BEACH…its calling you

The $BEACH Token is a unique offering within the crowded De-Fi crypto space. Combining superior tokenomics with bold strategies, $BEACH has been designed to…

Bitcoin mining uses vast amounts of energy

Early in 2022, it is increasingly clear that the “Cryptographic Blockchain” genie is out of the bottle. Across the globe historical signs abound of the early stages of a slow push toward eventual universal digital currency adoption and the methodical use of an immutable public ledger known as “blockchain.” …

Beach Token are delighted to announce that the community have secured an initial five year lease for a commercial kelp farm, located off the south coast of Scotland known as the “Whithorn Kelp Farm”.

In a crypto first, Beach Token plan to launch Beach Kelp, a limited edition (1000 mint)…

Environmental education with the $BEACH Lunchbox Programme

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Those words were spoken nearly six decades ago by American social justice activist Malcolm X, and they still ring true today — especially in the context of climate change.

At Beach Token, we…

Beach Token

$BEACH is deflationary tokens (ERC & BSC) with unique investment strategies, use cases, making our oceans plastic free and the $BEACH ecosystem carbon neutral

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