Developing a Beam Community

I met a friend of mine from Denver, Co. She talked about this group of people who meetup every 4th Friday of the week and are basically from almost all walks of life, some are old, some young, some are entrepreneurs, others working at a farm, one of them taking care of an old grand mother, house husband etc. Its a zoo! Interesting thing is that they all belong to the same apartment complex.

Apartment Living — Together yet Disconnected

It all started with a false fire alarm some 3 years back that led to everyone running down and waiting for fire department to arrive and declare it safe. But this happened on a Friday evening around 7, all went out in a jiffy, some in night suits, others dressed and those who were formally ready as they returned from jobs. As they waited, someone suggested that wtf, lets go to a local bar till they clear everything. And hours later everyone realized how fun and different this group was. Later, whatsapp changed their interaction further and everyone now “for sure” meets up on 4th friday for drinks at the same neighborhood pub.

The point here is that we all live next to some awesome set of people and never get to know them, interact with them… This fits the premise of starting this app “Beam It Up”. This is where it helps you find interesting and real people around and form communities based on common interest.

iOS or iPhone users can get their copy for free

Android — unfortunately some more patience till we release this version.