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Hey everyone! This is a quick update to say this Notes & Prose blog is moving to blog.bear.app.

All of our past posts have been moved over, and all future posts will be published there. We went with WordPress to get more control over our content, media, layout, and new RSS feed (update your newsreaders!).

We also set up publishing to Apple News for those who like to read there. Our channel is currently powered by RSS, but we’re waiting for approval on switching to the official Apple News Format.

As for this here Medium account, we haven’t decided what to do yet. We’re not sure whether to cross-publish some key posts here or just focus on our new blog. …

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Photo by Nick van den Berg on Unsplash

Bear is a great place to draft a blog post, snap photos of a few decorating ideas, or store some code snippets. It’s also easy to copy stuff from other apps straight into Bear without skipping a beat.

We make extensions for Bear on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This makes it easy to save an article to read later or snag an #inspirational quote for a rainy day. Here is how to enable them.

To enable the Bear app extension on an iOS device:

  • Tap the share button in any app
  • Swipe all the way left and tap the More (…)…

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Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash

Bear is a great place to store your notes, writing, code snippets, and more, but sometimes accidents happen. A phone might get dropped, an old Mac hard drive might burn out, or a device could even get stolen. We highly recommend that everyone have a regular backup system for Bear and all their important data. Fortunately, Bear has a few ways to help.

Bear Pro is your first line of defense

By default, Bear stores all of your notes locally on the device. If you upgrade to Bear Pro, all your notes will sync between all your devices via iCloud. While some may not consider sync to be a true backup system, it is the easiest way to create a safety net for your notes and seamlessly work on multiple devices. …



Flexible notes, beautiful writing on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

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