So here it is in a nutshell – I may or may not have a sensory child…..

And getting an assessment here in the UK is proving challenging – so what the heck to do in the meantime????

Apart from panic, then Google information and panic a gazillion times more!

The term Sensory Processing (Disorder) or SPD is a scary word – nobody NOBODY. NOOOOBODDDDY wants to hear that their child is potentially a “disorder”!!!!

So, thus far the below has helped this little human that I adore above all others, and it all centres around nutrition (mostly).

So here’s the catch, the sensory child is an extreme picky eater (polite terminology).

Hates textures, like only smooth foods, extremely sensitive to the smell of food & major aversions to any foodstuffs with even an iota of nutritional content.

Also eyes anything new with suspicion and pure revulsion, guaranteed to cause mega meltdowns.

But here’s the catch, if they don’t eat good food, fresh unprocessed foods laden with brain boosting minerals & vitamins then it gets worse – this sensory thing(s).

So here’s what I’ve tried that works so far;

  • Ice-pops/Smoothies: home-made, load em up with the good sh*t (spinach, carrot, ginger, avocado, kale, tuneric & for sweetness pineapple, apple, orange, strawberry etc).
  • Gluten/Dairy; nope, substitute with plant-based products instead
  • Superfoods & beneficial powders; throw these into your icepops (or smoothies), try ground flaxseed, hemp seed powder, coconut flour, chia seeds
  • Vitamins; good quality wholefood vitamins like Garden Of Life “Vitamin Code” also look at for independent reviews of vits/supplements
  • Magnesium; the keystone mineral we are ALL deficient in (there’s a great group on Facebook called ‘The Magnesium Protocol). I use Magnesium Threonate as its great for brain/neuro issues and is really bio-available. Also transdermal applications of Magnesium Oil or Cream is extremely effective at getting it into the body.
  • Homeopathy: a vaccine cleanse (vaccines are the root of our sensory issues I believe).
  • Coconut Oil: just a great product, and I’m blessed that my little sensory human will actually eat this off the spoon! I know right!?
  • Camel Milk; yup, you heard right! A nutritional powerhouse, this is akin to breastmilk & the body can easily digest this, unlike cows milk. Plus how awesome are Camels, they can survive extreme inhospitable conditions so their immune systems have to be majorly epic!
  • Probiotics: kids with sensory issues do tend to be lacking in beneficial gut bacteria, research has shown vast improvements when taking probiotics.
  • And last but not least, since my little sensory human is strictly a smooth operator – won’t eat textured food. It’s amazing what home-cooked meals can be thrown into the blender & he’ll eat them (casseroles, curries, stews etc).

So that’s it so far, my discoveries grow every week and I’ll add to this list over time.

The above food/diet regime has most certainly calmed my little human down, he has even tried some new foods!

He is sleeping better and his chronic constipation has gone, his moods have improved, he’s not so anxious or angry anymore & he’s using his words more.

Textures are still an issue & winter is fun (not!) as he wont wear coats, socks or jumpers!

But hey, Rome wasn’t conquered in a day.

Peace out sensory Mama’s


*PS I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. I’m just a worried Mama trying to fix her little human. What’s worked for him may not work for you and always ensure if you are supplementing to give the correct & safe dosage.

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