At some point in our life we face a crossroad that we don’t know what is the right direction and where to proceed with our Journey. There is no manual, no guide and you can’t possibly know if we made the correct decision. Only long after we have chosen we can look with a nostalgic hindsight to our life resolutions.

Today I face this crossroad, to take the management promotion that my company offers and lengthen my contract or to start my life for the purpose of chasing my dreams and ambitions.

What will happen if I don’t take it? 
 What about all the skills people and opportunities I will miss out ?
 And most of all, will I regret spending one year and four month of my life in this organization or will I regret my whole life for not spending a year and four month that I can’t bring back?

I asked myself what will I feel in six month, a year, three years, five etc..
 I came to a realization that no matter the decision, you will only regret your choice or lack of one if you didn’t fully commit to it.
 In order to be complete with your selection you have to dive, to dedicate yourself and fully experience the path you picked.
 The goal is to feel that there was no more energy you could give to make your decision worthwhile, anything else is just a waste of time.


1)You choose to take the big national exam that impacts your college admission chance. You have three months to prepare. At the beginning all is good and well but after three weeks you find yourself playing your gaming console of choice 4 hours a day procrastinating and slacking off. The remaining time you learn one hour a day and then cram everything in the last week only to get a subpar grade which means for you taking this exam all over again.

2) You are a MMA fighter and you have an upcoming tournament in two month time. You and your coach are building a training program that will put you in your best shape and technique. You stick to the program, diet and exercise all the way. Putting aside all that won’t contribute to this goal like: TV, forgettable night out’s and more. The big day comes and you are completely calm because you know there wasn’t any option to do more with the time you were given, you used up all the resources in your disposal. You end up taking the third place, you know that you have a lot more to learn but you are proud of yourself in every step of the way.

in summary

If you choose something go with it, understand the meaning of your commitment don’t make yourself a half backed cake that will waste your time and resources. 
 Go full measure!

all image credit (the one above) goes to Breaking Bad Creators

Here is one of my favorite motivational videos by Basquiat Picasso, at the beginning Kevin Spacey talks about dedication.