The Power of Sound – How Podcasts fast track education and save time.

Sound. A sense I have neglected to some degree since school when I would listen to music to, from and even during school. Then, late last year I wanted to explore Podcasts. Then back in February 2017 I got a car that let me play music via Bluetooth – this was big for me having only had crappy second hand cars. This was when my obsession with Podcasts started.

How Sound Saves Time

Sound saves time.

It really is that simple. Previously, on my journeys to work I would drive listening to classical music to get my mind calm and set on the day ahead. Now, by the time I have got to work I have listened to some Gary Vaynerchuk or John Lee Dumas and I am pumped. Unfortunately, working in a place where my phone is locked away all day I am pumped to get home, jump on social media to make content, to start documenting, to further Beardster and work on developing my new YouTube Channel Making Life Easier.

How Sound Fast tracks education

These guys, the people they speak with, the advice they have that is FREE has fast tracked my progress already. I know I have a shit ton of work to do still – but I made a start. I launched Beardster with 2 products. This will soon be eight products and I can do a bunch of marketing, including giveaways, how to videos natively on Facebook and influencer marketing.

The Podcasts that I have been listening to have allowed me to consume information that previously I would have had to watch a video on YouTube, read a book or attended a course. This takes a significant amount of TIME up that I could spend writing an article like this, creating new content, new products and working on my social channels.

If I did not have these Podcasts in my life I would have spent hours trying out new ideas, new strategies, rinsing and repeating until I finally found out what would work. There is still an element of this but the methods have been tried and tested and been placed in a Podcast so I do not need to run with it first – I kind of know what could work and I focus my time on that now.

Time is the most valuable variable out there

Sound going forward

I am intrigued by what the sound platforms of Amazon, Apple and Google will bring to the table over the next five years – especially alongside VR/AR innovations in shopping, sport and educational areas.

Sound has long been the poor kid where video has been the rich kid. Video has its place and always will. But as all our lives are becoming more heavily compressed with influxes of information and new activities to do, we don’t always have the time to sit down watch a video and learn something new or get a new experience. Sound can do this whilst we take a shower, take a shit, take the dog for a walk or drive to work.

🔊 will become a king/queen alongside video and open up new dimensions, new opportunities and more important SAVE US TIME.

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