What is a Beardster?

A Beardster can be anyone but it is not everyone.

A Beardster cares about others, regardless of their skin colour, their race, the way they look or anything about them. Passing negative judgement onto others is not the way of the Beardster.

A Beardster is someone who is passionate about Beard culture. A Beardster is someone who wears the beard with pride, someone who loves what a beard brings to their style and who looks after the beard.

Beard culture is changing – not just in the UK but across the world. The beard is no longer the messy things that men who do not want to shave adorn. It is symbolic of patience, perseverance, hard work and a sense of adventure.

This is what we believe in. Become a Beardster today!

Find us at www.beardster.co.uk

Sign up at www.beardster.co.uk/beardster-50-off-introduction and get 50% off Lumber or Old Gray’s Beard Oil.

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