What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

Sadly accurate portrayal of so many places in the country. I’ve seen it in my town. The lumber mills and big hydroelectric projects in the area are gone or finished and the only jobs for those without a college education are the Indian casinos, Walmart and restaurants making far, far less. The younger people rarely seem to marry and have “babies with boyfriends” with both working whatever $10–$12 an hour job they can find and turning to parents and grandparents for help. They will never have hope of owning their own home or having a new car — the things those older relatives took for granted. Its a profoundly sad picture happening in many places out West. At least they’re too young to remember that the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans weren’t here until 25 years ago to compete with them for the low paying scarce jobs. Their parents and grandparents do though and the irony of “foreigners“ suddenly flooding an already poor town that fuels a lot of support for Trump’s wall. I think if these towns and areas had remained poor but without the added pressure of recent immigrants and their progeny there wouldn’t be as much support for him. They’re not inherent racist or xenophobic, but they are upset at what they feel like is their abandonment by the Democratic Party in favor of recent immigrants and the undocumented.

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