Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

The Olympics are the same as they ever were with athletes of all colors and ethnicity working their butts off to succeed in their respective sports. Yes, for whatever reason some sports are overwhelmingly dominated by a particular group (whites for swimming, diving and blacks for track and basketball). That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t lessen the accomplishments of those athletes that they chose the path they did. If you’re allowing something like that to spoil the games for you its not the fault of the athletes or American society at large. If some non sequitur like an armed man with a long criminal history being shot by a black police officer in Milwaukee (after repeated orders to put the gun down) is making you miserable to the point you can’t enjoy the Olympics, well, that’s on you. Maybe watching the mob burn the city and attack police and whites after making a martyr out of him would better suit your frame of mind.

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