Why Tesla Should Have Me Demo The Model S

Tesla, Connection and the Triple Bottom Line

Energy is a strange business. It is woven into every aspect of our daily existence. Yet we are largely shutoff from all but the outcome of use. Gatekeepers patrol the walls between the energy we rely on and the connection we seek. Those gatekeepers come in the form of Energy Marketers, Politicians, Regulators and Utilities.

Slowly the walls are coming down. Innovative new business models are delivering real change. Giving power to people, small business and major enterprises. Disruption is now.

Tesla embodies this new era. Can a car company change the world? Sounds odd until you take a closer look. Tesla represents the future of energy.

Which is exactly why they should give me a Model S to drive. Perhaps you also. Am I crazy?!? Maybe, but below are my top ten ideas on why this would be wildly successful.

Let me frame this before we begin. Tesla needs to sell cars, battery-powered cars. They also will be using lessons learned to design energy storage batteries. Huge game changing product.

I need a car to drive. I also enjoy making money. Who doesn’t?

Here are the top ten ideas on why Tesla should give me a car:

  1. Tesla symbolizes the new future of energy. Far more than just a car, it represents the ability to lose the shackles of the current system. As an energy professional committed to energy transformation, who better to represent this concept. We are exactly the kind of ambassadors Tesla needs to spread the message.
  2. Nothing sells like an experience. Going about my normal day and business, I probably drive one person a day…on average. That’s at least 365 impressions of the Tesla on real people!
  3. The best show room is the wild. Seeing, feeling and driving the car is worth more than any show room. Plus you don’t have the overhead of a building etc.
  4. Immediately sign up for Uber & Lyft. Did I mention I am making money? Imagine the multiplier effect of using this shared economy system! Now I have just doubled or tripled the number of impressions I can make and made myself some money.
  5. Rent the car when it is sitting. I would use a service such as Relay Rides to rent the car when I am not using it. Giving people the options of driving the Tesla and falling in love. Oh, I get to make some more money!
  6. There is zero need for Tesla to pay a salary, commission or brokerage fee. I am driving a Tesla and making more cash. Tesla is making impressions and selling cars.
  7. Free rider feedback. Tesla can set up a website or app to gather feedback from car renters, riders and test drivers. Free focus group with zero effort.
  8. Tesla Powerwall effect. This would be a rolling show room for the Powerwall. Something I am most excited about. It can be a game changer. The car is a rolling demo unit! Pull up to a prospect and open the hood. By the way ma’am, would you like to drive the car?!?
  9. My garage becomes a showroom of the future. With an electric car, charging station and a future Powerwall unit. I demonstrate to my neighbors and friends the true nature of this technology. I cut out the gatekeepers (in large part) and take control. Creating more connection with the energy I use and the people I share with. Riders, Neighbors, Friends, Business Associates etc.
  10. True Triple Bottom Line Impact. A concrete example, not some esoteric philosophy, of adding value to People and Planet while making a Profit.

That is a lot of value. So lets recap this. This is almost like the very fun children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. If Tesla gives me a Model S the world we be a better place! Ok, maybe it is not that clearcut.

It does take a step toward creating a personal connection with the energy we use and the people who use it. We used a car to break down the barriers erected decades ago.

Tesla represents self-selection and choosing yourself. Yes, price tag aside, it is a symbol of what the energy economy is moving towards. Less centralization and more control for people.

Look at what this example has accomplished; Connected people over an energy use case, helped the planet be a little greener and added profit for Tesla and me. That is the Triple Bottom Line. Simple.

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