History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

I am being kind considering historic facts. You are a bit nebulous in your understanding of true reasons for wars. Us propaganda has obfuscated your reasoning. Russian contribution to the war and the number of deaths in Russia to achieve victory in WW 2 are significant.

We were allied and without Russia victory would have been difficult.

It is sad that education in American history demands to prop op this government by hiding facts and diminishing value of other countries.

For the past 100 years propaganda has been fed to Americans in many areas, one qualification for democracy is a free press that writes the truth.

We have not had a free press in this country ever!

A review of our constitution is needed to see if it survives.

Corporate influence all aspect of legislations and is

subsidized by our government.

Politicos are all part of the plot. America is great but we have more suicide and people in jail than rest of the world. 80 billions X year.

There is hope but choice is ours to ignore the facts or make changes.

As for wars, we have been at war always either in the open or covertly since the beginning. Biggest budget is defense. Who is the enemy?

There will be no war, it’s more likely a CME to affect the planet than Putin. Whatever he may be, he has more common sense than the rest of the world. He aims for business and diplomacy not wars.

The only psychopath today have infiltrated DoD or CIA and others who aim to change regime in countries, cause chaos to enrich people invested in the weapons industry. It’s all about money and geopolitical position.

Read Gore Vidal books. Great writer!