The Struggle To Love Ourselves
Charlie Scaturro

It’s an existential question about life with love being an ingredient that seem necessary. It’s more like a title of book or a psychologist rant to say you must accept yourself as you are before you can grow or make sense of your life.

Question is what is love?

And who is the person we want to love?

Was is Socrates who said know thyself? He intimates most of us walk around for while without really knowing who we are. Deep down I mean we have not reflected on our inner life, our beliefs, our values, our likes and dislikes and why we think as we do.

And what is love? According to Eric Fromm in The art of loving three attributes must be present. Respect, responsibility and care.

If you love yourself you act responsibly in every aspect of your life, respecting your inner life as you respect others and treat yourself with care emotionally physically and spiritually.

Love is powerful when it’s given to others and we can do it in many ways. One is to develop those attributes over a lifetime so to become a loving person….and receive others love with respect and care for the gift.

When we achieve that loving state we will witness the most powerful force in the universe that can change, heal and transform every aspect of our lives.

Best to you…I must confess it is not an easy task but it’s achievable.

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