Not Scared of Death? You Haven’t Thought About it Enough
Pete Ross

My suggestion is deal with fear and its root, may give u insight.

My thoughts:

So you are a little grain of sand in the ocean of life and worry or fear ending up on a beach you don’t like?

Fear of the unknown.

Existential question.

Ego directed existence

Majority of Hindus learn they are here to achieve enlightenment , that is a noble pursuit.

If you are raised in a culture where achievement is measured by wealth you create, you will be miserable unless you own the world.

We give life meaning in choices we make that create joy and peace of mind for ourselves and others. Focus on that have a good life.

Once u are old enough you will accept and look forward to the great adventure called death. You will enter a new dimension of life and keep your spirit but forget your past lives. You will chose to return or not to .My opinion.

Older wise people learn to let go of fear and being tired of life on this plane look forward to new horizon. Heard from those who are ready to go.

Do not be concerned about death or you will waste precious time of the life you have.

We are energy have a unique frequency, a spiritual being having a human experience.Native American wisdom. They knew things we don’t know. They communicated with their dead medicine men. They had visions or dreams about future event.

Hope this helps!