Greece, The Euro and Gunboat Diplomacy
Karl Whelan

Never thought the EU would work based on current financial system and economy of each country. Sovereign loss most important issue.

We as the world humanity are not quite ready to unite. Capitalism and corporate system are inherently fraudulent.

Human nature and ideology of past century still has power around the world. Profit made by predatory system are detrimental to world as a whole. In contest of finance a fraction banking system is a scam to legally create debt. A legal way to rob people of their labor.

World system will never be beneficial unless we are congruent and as nature reveals we must be sustainable.frugal, equitable and provide for all citizen of our planet.

We have means knowledge to accomplish it by giving up a predatory system that makes few wealthy and cause much suffering.

Death of capitalism as we know must come to change the world.

Thanks for you valuable article.