NOWDO- Let Your Story Amaze the World

When I am reading an awesome comic, I want to share it with my friends. My friends are from all around the world, so I wonder what would they think about the comics I am reading. NOWDO(, a new social community shows just how simple and fun you share the fandoms with the world.

Games, films, theme parks. So many medias are adapted from the comic characters and stories. There have been Marvel characters in at least 28 films that have been made in the past 15 years, which have grossed more than $190 million.

Naver attracts 17 million readers a month and has published 520 webtoons since 2004, with 175 professional cartoonists registered. Now Naver webtoons are going global. “Before we even tried to translate our content we realized that it was already being translated by fans,” said Kim. “We saw the demand. One of the experiences that we had, when we went to the Frankfurt book fair in Germany in 2013, there were so many fans of creators that we never released beyond Korea.”

In order to offer a webtoon to audiences worldwide in a variety of languages, NOWDO makes the comic translation simple and as well as present in ten language versions!

Essentially you click the “Text” or “Image”, and then upload. Before you publish the work, you may consider saving a draft, previewing or publishing it without allowing the translation.

Within three online steps, the users can select the language, remove the original text, and insert translated lines in the correct positions with aesthetically pleasing formatting & font usage. Once the translation is completed, it can be instantly shared on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

“It’s unbelievable how easily and quickly my Armoured Science Kung-Fu Cats is translated into 9 languages and earns great global appeal” Tom Kafa said. He continues “when I firstly thought about translating, Photoshop was the only option and it required professional image-editing techniques. But with NOWDO, the user doesn’t have to install any complicated software and the translation is still effective and efficient. More and more readers fall in love with my comic. They team up to translate in the aid of online glossary and dictionary. They are familiar with my comics, and they are also aware of the culture adaption, especially the culture jokes. The auto-translate is also an awesome tool. Every day, I’m interacting with fans from all of the world!”

In addition to the image translation, NOWDO supports the text translation. As you can see, it is similar to other popular crowdsourcing translation platforms, such as Onesky or Transifex. NOWDO offers three reading modes: original, translation and two languages comparison.

The NOWDO team is working on more interesting functions.

As a global phenomenon, comics enjoy a prominent place in translation studies. NOWDO will soon launch Transworld that uses gamification extensively. You get XP (experience points) for posts and translation, and you level up as you gain XP. The high-level users might be signed with NOWDO as a contract translator.

Another upcoming function is crowdfunding translation. If the creator wishes his/her works to be translated, he/she can choose a deadline and a minimum funding goal. If the goal is achieved, NOWDO will designate a contract translator to complete the translation project. NOWDO applies a certain fee on the total amount of the funds raised.