Beautiful Hampstead — the story

So who’s the face behind the logo of the Beautiful Hampstead campaign, you might have wondered? ;)

In brief, an Italian mum of three who moved to this leafy north London neighbourhood 8 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. Combine this with an amateurish passion for photography and social media — BOOM! — Beautiful Hampstead was born.

Beautiful Hampstead is my contribution to celebrating the beauty and fun of life in Hampstead, North London. As part of this campaign I will be posting photos and interesting information about all aspects of life in Hampstead: from food (we do have some delicious food around here! yum yum), to art, from nature (hello, the Heath?!!), to the offerings of the amazing local businesses, and much more!

…but this is not enough!! I want to take as many people as possible along with me on this journey so I will be encouraging others to post their photos too. And when you do, don’t forget to use the hashtag #beautifulhampstead ! Like never before, we can all be photographers today. You just need a smartphone to take award winning (well, let’s say ‘pretty’, we don’t want to set the bar too high from the start…) photos!

And don’t worry, I will not leave you and your smartphone (or camera) alone. I will regularly provide tips for taking great photos: from composition, to light, to editing…but also storing, and organising. And will run competitions to spice things up!

Come on this journey with me (I know you want to!) and we will all be better photographers, and even more in love with Hampstead, by the end!

Join me at:

Instagram: @beautifulhampstead

Twitter: @HampstBeautiful

Facebook: @BeautifulHampstead

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