What it mean to bounce back in life

Day in day out we read inspiring stories of people of how they made it big out there. No body want to be a failure in life. Yet we make mistakes with wrong choices and decisions we made consciously or subconsciously.

Kids in school fail to understand why its important to study till one day they realize that time has gone by now there is nothing that can be done. Teenage kids rebel, fight , their curiosity leads them to explore place and things truly not meant for them or for that matter anyone. There are always the few who fall into the age trap and mess about with their life for ever. Kids stepping into adulthood have their own challenges of choices ,decisions and paths to choose.

Be it career or lifepartner there is a choice there is a decision waiting to rule our life ahead. As adults, we are always conscious of our choices and decision just because we are always looking for a recipe for success.

But mistakes happen, failures happen. Reasons can be plenty — you were over ambitious, you just wanted to have fun with something extra, or may be you had no reason for what you did. Whatever the reason, the outcome is — your life just got messed up. Suddenly failure and you seem a synonym. Where ever you go people are judgmental about you, suddenly people forget to invite you, you no longer exist in relations that once vouched on you. 
And you are constantly talking negative to yourself, there is some kind of regret thats become your shadow. You find yourselves playing the whole damn life like a movie again and again in your head — hoping to rewind few moments so life can be back on track.

Waking up and telling yourself baby accept you have messed up is what I call the bounce back period. Failures of life should never be judged as wrong or right. Whatever happened, happened.

The most important factor is “Time” here. The sooner the realization and acceptance come into you the sooner you are on track to bounce back.

Bounce back meaning, you are now face off with people you, once looked up-to as your friend and family and support system in general. That’s the first step you need to take. Remember its going to be a dejavu moment from here. Every moment you come across people, places , events which will remind you of the gravity of your messed up life.

You are going to trip and fall. And fall. And fall. But everytime you fall pat yourself just for one fact — I am back on my feet to fall again. This need a lot of courage.

Every morning, waking up knowing you have to face the failure again for the whole day is no joke. The day that you are sailing through will give you zillion reasons to hate yourself but the best part is there will be some silver lining somewhere giving you a ray of hope.
 Giving up on yourself, expecting or wishing for a support system or acceptance by so called family and friends are all negative emotions. 
Just shy away from it.

Find happiness in the morning rays of sun, make a small garden and talk to the plants, pamper them, listen to music, long walks and talk positive to yourself. Basically love and accept yourself with all your failures. 
Stop judging yourself, love and enjoy yourself for everything in your life. Life is beautiful -and it will always be beautiful for a beautiful person who will love it and respect it all times. Failures and success come and go what remain is the beautiful person within yourself. Enjoy Life !!

Yes if we we want to give back something in life — lets not judge a person because he failed. Alteast we can be the change here like a drop in the ocean. 
Lets build a better place for someone who want to bounce back in life. !!!