Golden Moment Map

It’s Almost the 4th of July. In honor of our country’s independence and our emphasis on individual freedom, here is an exercise to do that explores a very happy and/or empowering moment in your life.

Here Goes……

Think of a moment in time when you felt just great about yourself and what was going on around you, where life felt easy and filled with pleasure and possibility.Make a little stick figure diagram or map of yourself and then your close relationships at that moment. Include pets and even organizations. If you don’t feel like an artist, use circles to represent women, triangles for men and squares for organizations. If people feel large and distant, reflect that or small and close, overlapped…whatever. Just for you to reflect on.

Sharing About A Golden Moment Map

Share about your golden moment in one of two ways, either reverse roles with yourself at the age you were at the time this golden moment occurred and share from that age, e.g. I am Soledad, I have just gotten a part in the play, my best friend is in it too, and at rehearsal today I remembered all my lines and everyone thought I did a great job!

OR share from the point of view of yourself today, e.g. I am Soledad and it makes me want to tear up to see myself as a kid so happy and whole because I know how things changed for me. But I admire myself as well because…..etc.

Golden Moment Journaling Questions

How does it feel to look at this map today? Share a little about that.

What do you see in yourself in this moment that you feel you might have lost or that you want back?

What resentment towards others are you aware of as you look at this moment?

What gratitude do you feel towards yourself or anyone else on this atom as you look at it trough your eyes of today?

What do you want to say to yourself on this atom knowing what you know today?

Write a Letter From Yourself, to Yourself

Reverse roles with yourself at the time of this atom and write a letter, from that age, as that child or younger self to yourself today.

Write a Letter From Your Adult Self to Your Child Self

From the mature person you are today, write a letter to the happy child within you who feels great about life.

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