35 Year Ago Hydroplane Racing Lost Bill Muncey

It was 35 years ago today in Acapulco, Mexico, the world of Unlimited hydroplane lost the greatest driver in the sports history.

I wasn’t born yet so I’ve only seen Mr. Muncey race in videos and read articles about him. I have gotten to know some hydroplane drivers and people in the sport. They have told me fascinating stories about him and how great he was.

I can’t help but wonder how much unlimited hydroplane racing would be today if Mr. Muncey was still here. Would it be more main stream? Would there be more races? Would a lot of the drama that has happened not happened?

Mr. Muncey`s wife, Fran, kept his memory alive in hydroplane racing for a lot of years after Mr. Muncey passed away. And she had the 2nd greatest driver ever in the sport, Chip Hanauer, driving her husband’s boat. What a combination that was! So many wins and championships. Mr. Muncey would have been proud.

My only wish is that Dave Villwock had not passed Mr. Muncey for most wins ever. When Chip Hanauer got within 1 of the record, he retired. He said that Mr. Muncey`s win number was sacred ground and nobody should touch it. I was Dave had felt that way. So do a lot of others in the sport.

Mr. Muncey, you are forever missed in Unlimited Hydroplane Racing by everyone.

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