blabFriday | land grab

There had been so much discussion around how to bring commerce to and a lot of stumbling blocks were brought to my doorstep. What happened today was a miracle unfolding like an origami dove.

A how to booklet is a little early but I observed a glimmer of willingness. To shed the right angle of light on bringing retail sales to live-streaming you have to know that 50%-percent of all new business licenses issued in the USA are dedicated home based and solo. They are not multi-thousand square foot installation warehouses with well oiled machine like staff. As you see one or two have immediate success in this sector of retail do not fail to recognize a lot of work goes into the build out. Their unique preparation of business style and personalities are to be envied but not a guarantee of retail evolutionary fit.

Stay on course. If you have a product…bring it. Always reach out to me as I am interviewing vendors every day that want to come to live-streaming. There are others who want to collaborate and lend support to you.



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