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Anyone can “talk the talk,” and label themselves expert. We hear this a lot. The odd thing is I don’t run into many people that use the word “expert.” So, I decided to run a search to determine who was labeling themselves as same. My findings follow my experience.

The number one result was an employee of a company named TechWebExperts. Number 2 is WordPress Expert. 3, is a cleaning company out of the UK [ that totally requires being an expert ].

Here is the vertical.

The nutty thing is LinkedIn labels it “Top 25 Expert Profiles.” My thinking must be confused and I should be majorily pissed that 5,483 professionals are actually named Expert and I don’t know any of them. Not a one. Although, the label, has been hard hit as one to avoid. Not only should you not consider yourself as an expert, but you are to avoid those that do.

I am going to call this out as, “b-s.” I have no clue who started this ramble and shaming, but, it should probably stop.

NOTES. The Kimra effect.

Ideas on “on-line” presentations. Recognize general geo-locations for shout-outs. Some trivia helps too. Be prepared, don’t have it be too casual, remember the platform you are on should guide in the “level” of your introduction. Understand the platform you are on so that you make certain your material matches. The spontaneity quotient and mindfulness of your environment is a necessity.

Be respectful of your viewers time. Know your time block so that it is not become a time suck. If it is a “beast” of a webinar, put your life together and do not twiddle your thumbs. Encourage the “get into the meat.” Best to have people “google you,” if you need to, so, that to avoid the twenty-minute intro, CV, resume story talk about yourself. Say “check me out on…(.)”

An outline is paramount, the ramble can happen, but you want to stay focused with notes. This tip allows you to shift back to your points. Do not wander. An example is to have “My Tips.” [ answer a question & refer back to a memorable point of contact. ]

Embed your event with a chat box. Chatwing http://chatwing.com/ is recommended. [ answer another question & refer to an aspiration & how you can improve. ] Sticking to the outline the best you can. The notes are your reference point. When trying to answer questions only deal with “on topic,” or those that are topic specific. [ instruction on the platform tools. ] Having ultimate favorites can offer great value to your viewers.

Testing where you get “the most.” Know your numbers and know where your audience is. [ thank your viewers for their questions. ] Bullet points. (1) Meet and greet. (2) Ask engaging questions. (3) Let them know what they will learn. (4) Five to eight minutes for this introduction moment. (5) Sharing your story builds authority. Know people want to be “in it.”

The actual content, be it training or teaching. Express what are teachables or case studies. Give that value first and delay the “pitch,” so that it feels comfortable. You don’t have to pitch a product, but you want to direct everyone to somewhere. A free product, a group. Know that they are ready to go somewhere. “I will be here for another ten minutes to answer questions,” is a great way to conclude any webinar.

“You can go to my website and read my professional story.” This is a powerful way to lift people. Having brand authority over your own brand is very needed and does take some time. Go off the vibe of an audience. When your numbers begin to dwindle, bring it to a conclusion with a thank you. For a webinar, stay with it. The whole plan is for you to keep audience. If they stay through the pitch, these are your hot leads. [ another question taken. ] Webinar presentations are an excellent way to build your eMail list.

If you have viewers that are obnoxious. Get rid of them. Having your team in a chat box. Use a complimentary tool such as SLACK https://slack.com. To gather screen shots of questions and comments. This all keeps the presenters life very easy and focused. Having that additional person helping you with other administrative live duties.

How to come up with a topic? Ask your audience. What are people struggling with. Know your ideal customer and then give them exactly what they want and need. You will connect at a very high level and they will become raving fans. Utilize or re-purpose what you already have. Building your brand authority. Be solid with your content. People will see your level of seriousness. Repetition matters. Have key points that are repeatable. Repetition is the key to earning.

Ask a couple more questions.

Have a bridge. Recap what has been covered. Today we talked about this…(.) We learned this...(.) Tons of action steps you can do on your own. I have something that can help you go further with this. “if you want to learn more and work me more…”(.)

Transitioning in a nice, soft way. [ answer question. ]

Webinar Jam and Easy Webinar are 2 that are mentioned. She as utilized 19 webinar platforms. Go through another introduction. “I am…” [ go through another question. ]

150 is the count of presentations she has made. You will learn from giving all of these attempts to webinar presentations. Most people will know how long a webinar will go, you set the tone. They can be 30 minutes and it really depends on who your audience is and how long they will pay attention. If you see your audience wants to be with you longer always reflect back on the platform. An example would be. Periscope 15 minutes. Ask people what their preferences are. Sense the tone. [ another question. ]

Five to seven days out for pre-ramp. Answer questions about your team. Most creation of webinars require four to seven hours. Virtual assistants on a per the hour basis. Typically a webinar will have a harder pitch with a visual presentation. The eMail list comes back to a concern. Growing your list is still important. Do not teach too much technical training in your webinars. Most people will buy on the follow-up eMail or even the one after that.

At this time describe your pricing. Do bonuses such as “live call.” A workbook. Extra group coaching call. Give them incentives. [ thank you for coming. ]

Back to the notes.

Some of the basics you will need.

[ see my GEAR list over at ChartChatConnect.com that will list out all products ]

Here is Kimra Luna as recorded on Saturday, February 20, 2016 on blab.im.

Kimra’s reach on blab.im. https://blab.im/search?q=kimra

The tools also include for a landing page to code out your embed for the streaming media.

To address, fear. [ discuss some emotion involved in doing presentations. ] There are things that happen, be okay with it, you will get better with practice. Kick fear in the face. Doing a live presentation with a good tool box such as the one Kimra presents is paramount. [ hope that viewers have learned a lot today. ] You can’t serve people if you are hiding as you want to build your business. Keep doing it, as you will get better at it. [ take a question about a failure. ] You can spend an entire year on something that completely fails. There are benefits, but technically, the ROI can not go so well. A re-branding was necessary. [ discussing blab.im AND how the viewers can show her they want to have her come to a weekly show. ]

During a practice, you invite an old list or friends to test out your presentation. Easy Webinar you do not need to use Lead Pages. The re-branding which is “Be True, Brand You,” program, the door of which closes in two days [ urgency message ] and the program only launches once a year. If you want to learn more from me you will head over to. Courses inside of the program. All details. Set up, create registrations pages, advertise, promote. This is just one of the courses. Eight core courses that help you grow your business. Branding basics, what is a brand, what is the customer experience, get to know your ultimate customer. A copyright course. How to write your about me page, eMail copy and the words that will attract. Make readers want to buy from you. Another course is about website from scratch. There are some things you will not know how to do, she covers hiring. Blogging to attract your ideal customer to drive them to your site. The content creation, mindset, ideas, how to create content for your ideal customer. Social media platforms, great visual brand for your social, how to create FB group, mastermind. Special training on how to build FB groups. Kimra has seven years of experience. Course Number Six. How to put together an on-line course. There was mention of all the individual Social Media sites and she covers these in her webinar.

The last edge courses deal with video, video editing. Bonus courses or master classes. FB ads. The run through of the entire course work describes even life-time access and follow-ups. [ going to questions having to do with interviews. ] [ success stories from students in the program. ] [ her live event is sold out. ] At this time of the presentation there is a ramp of the site address.

Eleven people are on Kimra’s team. She does outsource some things, but, does not outsource her direct contact with her students. Using https://ontraport.com/pricing for her eMail list management. All customers, check-out, etc. [ question about hours per week 5 to 7 hours per week, lifetime access, sixteen weeks of implementation. ] The course begins March 6th 2016, everyone gets access, 45 days the course is downloaded. 30 day window for a refund. [ dealing with self doubt. ]

You do not need to have a lot of technical experience with the tools to build your business. Get want you need done is her style. [ dealing with costs of a VA 25USD to 40USD per hour. ] During this time, she is now able to refer to viewers who have signed up as “students.” She does follow her students.

These are just notes on her presentation on blab.im. I have not edited or done a scrub through. This piece will be worked on as we attend another series with her.

She is live now.

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