Social Network Destruction

[ My new favorite word this month is “spin.” As the events described below were happening, a member of a rival community decided I was spinning the story. My written response today is:

Dude, I couldn’t spin a story for my life, you guys have enough on your plates to spin for a lifetime without my help.]

Toxic drama can be a couple things. One it can be natural, let’s use the word “organic,” wherein individuals have opposing views that are clearly irreconcilable. The other is “contrived,” wherein the leadership is founded on decisions suited for a single individual.

I want to talk about the latter.

Leadership in the context of a “social network” requires tribe. If you are after a network effect, it can begin with one person, however, still requires hoard or tribe in order to facilitate an outcome. This is where this concept of outcome meets up with “social network destruction” or deconstruction.

Recently a self-proclaimed leader lied to his member base. But before he did so, he placed badges on certain members as traitors, proceeded to mute them (both in text and voice) and then banned them. To some it felt like a wholesale ban, to others it felt like a direct hit to their rights.

What led up to these acts cannot be explained in one paragraph. It was at its heart a trial of a dormant piece of software that was un-sanctioned in whole by the leader. He agreed to keep it running for some time, like a month, and went back on that agreement or promise a short four hours later.

Eighty some members made their way to this dormant piece of software and were ceremoniously dropped from the server, and turned into traitors by the assignment of a traitor badge on the primary social network channel. They were then banned from other secondary social network channels wherein the leader has “super powers” over the community base.

He then decided to make his edicts known and in turn was banned by a senior moderator. But was able to coerce another moderator to “un-ban” him so that he could continue on with a tirade. And he did. So by this time he had complete and total control over the primary channel, he had shut down the dormant channel and proceeded to corrupt all other channels including a live-on-mic YouTube that runs 24|7. The use of the word corrupt here is not harsh at all, in fact, for those that witnessed it first hand, you could say that he was acting in a dishonest, debasing, and abusive fashion by all accounts toward the community base.

Then came the “call out” on twitter demanding a face off of “grievances.” This too upon review and replay, of a recording made, is a continuation of how he prefers to treat others in light of any questioning of his authority. He claims his hard work places him in an authoritative position, which I do believe is at the heart of the Toxic Drama.

A social network takes everyone working together in unison for long periods of time for the journey, the experience and the ultimate reward of being made part alongside others.

This leader I have described above is not a modern leader of any sort, he has continually demonstrated he can’t have harmony without segregation. He has no interest in others unless they are willing to carry his torch for his demands. This odd-ball-bully is a trick of the internet, where he is the only one working day and night on behalf of the social network, which is a flaw of his character. One doesn’t work a social network. It either is a social network or it is an “act” of your own making like theatre or an impulse of your own making. It is not a social network.

By all accounts it is certainly not a modern social network. A modern social network is where members have choice with the tools now available, such as voice, text, images, live-stream, podcasts, meet-ups, and the like.

The modern social networks are delicate and empathetic. The challenge is more how to motivate a directive that is a tribal decision. A modern social network is complex and is not an object to stand as barter, and certainly not against its own members. And you can’t be a liar. Or a cheat of any kind. A known unstable person or parasite. The hard work to be a leader of a social network lies in the base character of its leadership, not the actually work you do or don’t do.

I am thinking the Toxic Drama leader in particular has no base in leadership.

He is a known troll in many areas of the internet and I have personally seen him take over important financial chat rooms with disdain and destructive rudeness.

I have personally heard him mistreat or abuse people with his tone and vigor of use of vulgarities toward others.

I have personally seen him have the controls, yet lead people to believe he doesn’t have the controls to mis-treat you at anytime he wishes.

I personally have seen him in chat rooms persuade others to mis-treat you and harbor known trolls to further destroy reputations.

This is Toxic Drama and it will only destroy community and especially the modern social network.

This Toxic Drama main character will not change. In fact, as he sequesters himself to a more self actualized important role, such as having dominance over your financial decisions, this will only get worse. He will get worse and you be humiliated. This is his power, his only true ability is his use of being a professional internet bully with a specialization in aggravated control.

Many of you demand better of yourself and want to be treated with respect and enjoy the basic rights of freedom of speech and the use of the internet as way to build up friendships over time and supporting of one another. It is not a pipe dream, in fact, I have seen tremendous debates and bitter arguments online and somehow if you understand the meaning of a social network people do work it out and they are driven by their own sense of personal leadership without the need for one person dominating you with their decisions.



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