Look Good Without Makeup!

We all love Makeup. With just a few dabs of concealer and a couple swipes of mascara, we feel perky, fresh and ready to take on the day! But happens when you’ve slept through your alarm, you’re running late, and, well, “you just don’t have time to put your face on before running out the door?”

We’ve all been there. A little too often, we’d say.

Here are two fantastic beauty tips to get your glow on without your beloved morning bronze.

TIP: Use Protection….For Your Face!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on covering blemishes from your wear n’ tear lifestyle, try repurposing those funds by spending your dollars on preventive care by protecting your skin from the sun and other environmental factors that affect your skin. “After all, unprotected sun exposure leads to premature wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging skin — all of which we use makeup to mask.

Instead, put down the foundation and pick up a solid tinted moisturizer with SPF. Not only will you be protecting your skin but you will add that touch of tint while also hydrating your skin. It’s a win-win!”

TIP: A Cup of Hot C Does Wonders

“A nice boost of Vitamin C in the morning can cut down on your body’s amount of free-radicals, causing your skin to stay healthy and work towards looking its very best.” Try adding a lemon slice or two to your morning cup of tea to get that much needed boost of Vitamin C.

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