Now Pinning: Styled Pin Hairstyles

Who would’ve thought that those tiny pins we hope to often conceal could eventually become our best accessory?

{Photo Courtesy of Allure Magazine}

Our friends at the Free People Blog give us a few insider tips on how to re-invent the classic pin by giving it a modern, geometric twist.

{Photo Courtesy of Free}

TIP: Painted Pins are All The Rage

“Slide the bobby pins onto a thick piece of paper and line them up so they are touching each other. With your nail polish, paint your design directly on top of the pins and wait until the polish is dry.

I chose to do a geometric design with red and grey polish.

{Photo Courtesy of Free}

Once the polish is dry, you can slide the pins off the paper.

I added a little braid and pinned my bobby pins just below it. If you have dark hair and use dark pins, it looks like the design is printed right onto your hair!”

For more tips & tricks on happy geometric pinning, read the full article from Free People HERE and more looks by Allure HERE.