Your Best Bath Ever.

“UGGH.” It’s a Tuesday night. You’re zonked, exhausted (and maybe a little hangry?) We know, we know. That work grind can be so tough!

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And what better a way to properly de-stress than with these three Bathing-Beauty tips:

TIP #1

Invest in multiple scents, colors and brands of bath salts. GET CREATIVE! Having a solid stock going can come in handy, especially when you’re WAYYY too tired to make that late-night CVS run.

TIP #2

Bubble bath never gets old. For those of you who want to kick it back a few years, bubble bath can still be highly effective in de-stressing the body, especially if the brand focuses on aromatherapy or includes infused essential oils.

TIP #3

AMBIENCE MATTERS. Light a zillion candles, turn on your favorite chill playlist (we love “Relax & Unwind” from Spotify) and prepare your bathroom with fresh towels and a fluffy robe. Nothing can beat a good de-stress sesh. like combining these knock-out tips.

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