With the growing concern for environmental protection, the refill service — which replaces disposable containers with durable ones — is fast gaining attention. Globally, companies such as THE BODY SHOP, L’Occitane, and Unilever have already jumped onto the refill business bandwagon.

In Korea, the government is actively encouraging the growth…

The annual sales event “Double Eleven 2021” was held over the 11 days leading up to November 11, known as “Singles’ Day” in China. Although the Chinese economy is facing challenges such as the Hengda Group’s financial crisis and power shortages, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers remains strong. …

Numerous new brands are being launched in China’s beauty industry. These include not only color cosmetics but also skincare brands. A growing number of these brands are headed by former members of major global cosmetics companies.

PMPM, an acne care brand that uses rare natural ingredients

The hottest skincare brand right now is PMPM, operated by Shanghai Time Yin E-Commerce…


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