An Ode to Sistah Souljah

I remember when I first came across her writings, 
Roundabout the time I went back to natural.
We’ll dissect why a black woman 
Born into a black family 
Raised black on the mother continent 
Had to Google black hair-care 
Another time.
 Remind me. 
If I’d found what I found when I was younger 
I might have gone a little bit mad, 
Like a good friend in high school 
When he 'discovered' Marley was conscious. 
 I asked What About Our Daughters and 
Researched black Femme 
While I read much of Ms. Nassif 
 'Discovered' Leo Muhammad 
And the Ali who was a great thinker. 
I braved The Coldest Winter ever 
And Their Eyes Were on God 
When I met a gangsta named Midnight
With Dr Frances Cress-Welsing
(Hands up if you get the references).
I made new friends and lost others,
Found lovers and lost them
Because like Tupac and Souljah 
It is what it is 
But not yet and not quite
Because like my land 
And like my people 
I’m a work in violent progress. 
All of that to say this and add nothing else
To the words of the great Letta:
Not yet uhuru.
-Beauty’s Daughter