The sexiest thing you do as a dude
Kris Gage

Seriously, it’s not rocket science! All the relationship books have been saying it for years i.e. that women need security first and foremost. The only trouble is that of course men aren’t reading those books, and of course women are twisting themselves into all sorts of shapes trying to keep a man at the expense, most times, of their own very real needs. Ultimately this turns out to be a lose-lose scenario when the couple realizes that who they’re married/committed to is not at all who they want to be married to, nor even who they dated.

I have a friend who says she can’t even get wet for a broke man and at first I thought she was shallow. I confess, I was young and stupid. Now that I’m older and wiser I too find that it’s very difficult -well-nigh impossible- for me to find a man attractive -let alone dateable- who can’t ‘have my back’, by which I mean a man who can’t provide and protect.

Love your writing, Kris. Pleased to ‘meet’ you :)

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