The Things I Know

I know how to love you beyond the worst thing you ever did because
I know how to love the moon when it’s full and when it’s waning.
I know that you use words
In lieu of Elastoplast and
You know I could peel them away
To see the blood pumping beneath.
You know I could;
I know I won’t.

I know that you know words mean different things
According to who’s listening
Not just who’s speaking.
I know that hearts don’t always break,
I know that sometimes they crack;
Stop three degrees from full shatter.
I know that whatever happens
Whatever life throws
My heart will mend:
Not always easily
Nor always swiftly
But always.

I know that only I can break me.
I know that nobody else wields that power.
-Beauty’s Daughter
(Inspired by Buddy Wakefield - We Were Emergencies)

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