You Never Loved Me

The entire world is burning
And in the flames of the world
I will fight for my freedom to be me. 
I will fight to be who I am.

You shameless one. 
You would justify oppressing me in every single way. 
Any way you can find to wound me.
Turn the knife. 
Salt the wound 
While you pull my nails and burn off my hair. 
You intend to leave no part of me unscathed.

I loved you. 
I loved you so much I wanted to be like you
Until I awoke to my personhood despite your lies about our history. 
But still, I forgave you. 
I called you friend
I called you sister. 
I thought of you with love. 
I thought we thought the same. 
That the past is gone 
And we are living in a new day. 
But you still can't love me as I am. 
Can't love me the way I love you;
The way one loves a pet asp (Love does not lie).
But you. 
You never loved me;
Never truly loved me
Unless I was a darker version of you. 
You never loved me.

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