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With the help of our local Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (@assemblymanjoe + his team) and our attorney Laurie Goldheim (@LGoldheim), we were cleared to come home to Brooklyn last night! Morgan did great on the plane ride and is settling into his new home today.

— With love and gratitude,
Michelle, Becca, & Morgan

Dear Governor Cuomo @NYGovCuomo, There are a lot hardships people don’t think about with the adoption process: getting on a plane to travel 800 miles away with a suitcase — hoping you have everything you need to…

Two nit-picky designers decide it’s time to make standard better.

The Back Story

Four years ago, Jason Punches and I co-founded the design and branding studio Tag Collective. It’s been a wild ride. We’ve worked with some outstanding clients, won some awards and had a lot of fun in the process.

Frankly though, it isn’t enough. We’ve done great work; but we’ve got more in us and we want to take our skills beyond just our clients.

We’ve always been told “just sell t-shirts or something” — scratch that itch to create and diversify your revenue stream. It’s smart, but so far we haven’t been able to for one simple reason:

We want…

A Short Semi-Diatribe on Professional Categorization 

When people ask what I do I say “I’m a designer”. Cue the follow up question, “What do you design?”. It’s a totally fair question; but I’m never able to give an appropriate response. “Lots” I say, generally sporting a semi-sarcastic smirk before diving into a long-winded description of our latest project.

I know I could simplify this conversation by throwing one word in front of my title, ‘graphic’—I just don’t think that’s what I am, or what I’ve ever aspired to be.

Okay yes, I’ve put ‘graphic design’ on just about every surface, I’ve worked for mega-corporate brands…

Building a brand in under a year

Almost a year ago to the day, I got an email from Gabi Lewis, co-founder of Exo. He wasted no time diving into the product he was working on: “Protein bars from crickets (yes, seriously)”.

I quickly re-read, trying to assess if it was a prank — the “yes, seriously” addition didn’t quite sell me. Thankfully he went on, explaining that cricket protein has more iron than beef and that crickets are a far more sustainable source of protein. In fact, crickets are twenty times more efficient than cattle, using significantly less feed, water and land. …

Becca Eley

A designer in NYC that believes good design is more than just a pretty face.

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