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“California wildfires kill one person, destroy more homes”

This year’s wildfire record has reached new heights with nearly 9 million acres of land that have gone up in flames. On Saturday in California’s Carmel Valley, one person died and 10 homes were burned down as a result to a willdfire that has burned 1,200 acres of land so far. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, this is the worst wildfire season the American West has seen in years.

“Phoenix I-10 shootings suspect: ‘I’m the wrong guy’’

A suspect declares he is “ the wrong guy” in a recent Phenix highway shooting. There have been 11 incidents that have linked Leslie Allen Merritt to the shootings. The judge has set his bail for $1 million and will appear in court Friday with charges with numerous felonies.

87 of 91 tested ex-NFL players had brain disease linked to head trauma”

After testing 91 former football players who donated their brains to science after death, 87 of them tested positive for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE is believed to be a result of repeated head trauma and concussions. It is still uncertain why some players develop the disease while others don’t.

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“City Council votes to a one cent sales tax proposal.”

The city council met Thursday night and voted 5–2 on a proposal made by councilwomen, Wilma Rudolph to raise sales tax one-cent.

“The city desperately needs this money, or there is a chance that we’ll have to start laying off workers next year.” said Rudolf. A one- cent sales tax would raise about $400,000 for the city next year. Mayor Ray Sadecki who called the meeting was opposed to the idea but got voted out 5–2.

18 people voted completely against the relocation of a cemetery located in the 2800 block of Forbes Street in order to replace with a new supermarket. Developer, Carl Erskine told the council that he will pay all the costs of having the graves relocated in Peaceful Rest Cemetery, which is located a mile away from the current site. Local, Early Wynn expressed her thoughts of the relocation, “ This thing is going to destroy our neighborhood. It’s pretty quiet there now, but if you get this thing in there, it’s going to turn noisy.”

The last discussion regarded a proposal from councilman Bill Mazeroski to license morticians in the city. He believes that the proposal would require an an annual license fee that morticians would have to pay every year. Many of the council raised their concerns about handing this money over to the state to enforce the licensing procedure.

This issue was never fully resolved as a result to Mayor Sadecki adjourned the meeting. It is unstated when the council will meet next.