#CheltSciFest — a volunteer’s eye view

If there was a word that meant “simultaneously exhausted yet ridiculously excited”, it would be the perfect adjective for Cheltenham Science Festival volunteers. (If it exists, let me know. We’re only 2 days in and already my brain is a little bit mushy.)

Here’s why.

We’ve worked in areas like this:

the Discover Zone in construction

…watched various time machines, space rovers etc arrive:

yep, this is Back to the Future’s DeLorean

…moved unimaginable amounts of furniture around:

So. Many. Chairs.

…got a mind-boggling amount of information from briefings and training and meetings and mock events:

my brain may actually explode

…watched some real characters come on to site:

I think if any dinosaur looked that friendly I’d happily walk into its mouth

…got lost in various buildings:

why are there so many doors and corridors in the town hall?!

…felt powerful in our hi-vis and lanyards:

next time I need a self-confidence boost imma get me a fluorescent jacket

…been treated to a sneak preview of some of the festival’s most impressive spaces:

do NOT miss the DinoZone

…and consumed impressive amounts of staple foods:

not all pizzas are pictured in this image

Tomorrow, the gates open to the public. Thousands of people will hear inspiring guest talks, take part in discussions and interact with the incredible demonstrations and events.

Look out for us in the blue t-shirts!