Feel Real is creating “the confidence revolution” for girls.

Sports coaching all around the world inspired the idea to take action- and embark on a mission to change the lives of girls, globally!

We are working together to increase self-esteem, resilience and improve body image, using the power of sport, exercise and teamwork activities. Our goal is that the girls feel empowered, happy, included and aspire high!

The severity of the confidence crisis that females are currently facing was highlighted in extensive research undertaken prior to the Feel Real pilot project; these staggering statistics are illustrated within this video introduction. As you will see…change is absolutely vital.

Just some of the statistics we uncovered…issues affecting girls all around the world.

Feel Real is the start of a movement to unite girls together. Unity brings strength to enjoy a plethora of holistically healthy activities, enhance well-being and engage with sport, and each other. We’ve already seen amazing reactions from the girls we support- and we aim to share these feelings across not only our country, but the world.

Harnessing the energy and excitement from girls helping to shape our first ever Feel Real projects, we hope to inspire girls across the globe to achieve their potential, live their dreams and define their own futures.