On mentors

Since starting The Girls’ Network, I’ve facilitated the mentoring of over 1000 young women by 1000 inspiring professional women. I’ve seen them grow in confidence and self worth as their mentor plays the role of critical friend, confidant, and cheerleader.

Mentorship is just as important for personal growth as an adult. When you acquire more responsibility, both personally and professionally it’s easy to lose track of your own goals and what makes you unique. It’s been through the amazing women that have acted as my mentors that I’ve been able to stay true to myself and my vision for The Girls’ Network as it has grown.

I’m going to be sharing some of the stories of women that have inspired me over the coming months, but for now here are my reflections on why everyone should have a mentor.

1) Mentors make us accountable to our goals.

It’s easy to prioritise professional objectives over our own life goals. Our mentors force us put ourselves first.

2) Mentors point out what we’re often hiding from ourselves.

Sometimes we can’t see the elephant in the room. Usually because we don’t want to see it. Mentors will gently point it out before it runs around breaking the china

3) Mentors have hard won skills and experience from walking before us.

It’s nice to not have to make a mistake to learn something. A mentor you trust can share their own experience so we don’t have to be stung ourselves

4) Mentors act as our champions

It makes our achievements far more meaningful when someone else takes pride in them as well. I’ve always found having a mentor helps me to recognise my successes and helps me celebrate what I’ve overcome.