Plant Accident

  1. Who- Duane LaChance, 53, pipe fitter
  2. What- In serious condition due to an accident
  3. When- at 3 p.m. Feb. 22
  4. Where- Petal, Mississippi
  5. Why- Touched a wrench to a power line carrying 15,000 volts
  6. How- 15000 volts caused third degree burns

Lead Sentence: A pipe fitter working for Gross Engineers is in serious condition after an accident that occurred on Feb 22 at 3 p.m.

1st Paragraph:

In Petal, Mississippi, engineer Duane Chance, 53, was involved in an accident while on the job. He is currently in serious condition at the Methodist Hospital suffering from third-degree burns. The accident happened when LeChance touched a wrench to a power line while installing pipes on the roof of the plant. According to Henry Rosen, the project manager for Gross Engineers, the accident took place at Petal Municipal Power Plant.

McCartney Illness

  1. Who- Peter McCartney, famous rock singer
  2. What- undergoing exploratory throat surgery
  3. When- Feb. 22
  4. Where- Riverside Hospital
  5. Why- Voice was reduced to whisper after performance
  6. How- To correct the whisper, surgery is scheduled for Feb. 23

Lead Sentence: The rock singer, Peter McCartney, is scheduled to undergo exploratory throat surgery Feb. 23.

1st Paragraph:

McCartney was checked into Riverside Hospital on Feb. 22 after his voice was reduced to a whisper following a performance at Bennett Auditorium. The surgery is scheduled for the morning of Feb. 23.

BOE Meeting

  1. Who- Hattiesburg Board of Education
  2. What- Meeting to pass new rules
  3. When- Feb. 21
  4. Where- Hattiesburg City Hall
  5. Why- enrollment is dropping and they are looking for a remedy
  6. How- instituted new rules regarding dress code and appearance

Lead Sentence: Hattiesburg Board of Education members met on Feb. 21 to address decreasing enrollment and instituted dress code rules to prohibit students from wearing blue jeans.

1st Paragraph:

Due to decreasing enrollment rates at the school, the administration proposed new rules. This rules will ban female students from wearing miniskirts and male students will not be allowed to wear hair below their ears. In addition, students may not wear blue jeans.

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