Bedford County Employees Get the “OKAY” To Conceal Carry

Newly instated policy in Bedford County extends conceal carry permission to those holding valid permits. In the article from News Advance the change was approved unanimously. Participants are also actively working to improve reciprocity for conceal carry permits from other states.

Forget Snow, Drivers Should Watch For Ice

Due to the fluctuating temperatures, melted snow has been refreezing overnight. According to News Advance, drivers are warned to keep an eye out for ice patches during their daily commutes. Drivers are advised to take extra care on ramps and to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

House Fire in Bedford County

While no one was hurt, a local couple is left searching for a new home. WDBJ7 reports that fire rescue teams encountered issues with unplowed roads while attempting to extinguish the fire. The cause of the fire has been identified as ashes that were not disposed of.

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