CNA Week 5- World News

Three Americans Freed- Baghdad

Three Americans were released from the Iraqi capital after being held captive. According to the Washington Post, the details of their capture are unclear. The two men and one woman were working as contractors in the area.

Zika Outbreak In Argentina Grows To Epidemic

The number of reported cases is expected to grow due to the prime breeding conditions for mosquitos. The New York Times reports that there are currently 4,900 confirmed cases and only one death associated to the virus. Due to the nature of the virus, officials are concerned about the rapid spread.

F-22’s Affirm U.S. Presence In South Korea

After North Korea aggressively launched a satellite, the U.S. retaliated with a show of force over South Korea. Four F-22 Raptors were included in the display. Previously, the F-22’s have not been used in a combat role until 2014.

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