Petition for Black Kids “Pulling a Kaepernick” to Defenestrate David Brooks
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Superb. And thank you for taking this fucker to task about his lame criticism of Ta-Nehisi Coates. The first time I read Between The World and Me I ran out and bought four copies of the book to give to family and friends. Then I read it two more times. I keep his book on my desk to reference. In case others don’t know yet, it is a 152 page letter from a Black father to his son about the dangers of growing up in America and the paralyzing fiction that is the American Dream. Every white person needs to read it. The Black people will recognize everything he says because they already know it. The white people need to read it.

We ARE citizens of the world. It’s corporate oligarchs who have no loyalty to anything but their parasite class and try to stoke toxic nationalism in us.

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