Smart Tips for Tire Shopping Year Round

Information is always your best friend when you set out to make a purchase. When shopping for tires you want to create an even playing field for yourself. Call it protective thinking, or just being a wise consumer. Any way you look at it, preparation and forethought will allow you to drive away happy from your next tire purchase. Consider the following tips to help you turn the wheels in your direction.

Identify the size of your tire and write it down somewhere either on a piece of paper or in your phone’s notes. This information is located on the sidewall of your tire. For example, “P215/60R16” which translates to a 215 millimeter cross-section width; a ratio of sidewall height to width of 60 percent; the letter R designates the tire is a radial tire; and the rim of the wheel has a 16 inch diameter.

Know your price range. Your car may require a certain type of tire that can run from affordable to extremely expensive. Remember, you may only need 2 tires rather than purchasing all four at once. A thoughtful tire retailer will work with you to make sure you get what you need, AND will be safe.

Call at least three tire retailers to identify the tire’s availability, price and service time turn around for installing your new tires. Once you compare the information you will have a good sense of what’s going to be right for you. Making an informed decision is always a good decision.

On a final note, research conducted by Consumer Reports showed that tires with the longest life don’t necessarily cost the most. About half the tires tested could last up to 65,000 miles and a few even last over 85,000 miles. Nails, road debris and hard curb hits aside, we all want to shoot for the later. If that doesn’t happen, Becker Tire is here to help. Please visit us at to make an appointment or give our Anaheim, Orange or Costa Mesa stores a call.

Written by Anne Kruse