What to Expect When you Graduate Into The World of Car Care

Whether it’s been a while since you moved your tassel to the other side of your graduation cap or it just happened, this time of year promotes new awakenings. Some people are fortunate to receive a new car for graduation, while others experience that excitement down the road. With any gift comes responsibility . Car ownership is a learning experience and it continues for the lifetime of your vehicle and beyond.

You earned the right to operate your vehicle and with that comes the following reminders that will help you manage all aspects of proper car care:

· Commit to Routine maintenance. The number one thing you can do to keep your car running well is to perform routine maintenance. This includes regular oil changes at least every 3000–5000 miles, rotating your tires every 5000 miles, changing air filters, checking fluids and checking tire pressure. Implementing a routine schedule to take care of these things will make your life easier. It will help lessen the amount of unwanted surprises when you’re out on the road. Plan your finances accordingly.

· Washing and protecting. Southern California is fortunate to have awesome weather. Geographically speaking you can visit oceans, mountains, and deserts within an hour or two pending traffic on the 5, 91, 55, 405, 73, or 15. This means your car faces all sorts of exposure to the elements that can wear on your car’s surfaces. Dirt can damage the surface of paint, rubber and plastics. Wash your car regularly to help preserve the condition of all its surfaces inside and out. It’s a good practice and who doesn’t love a clean car?

· Get and maintain insurance coverage. The intent of insurance is to take care of you and your car should an accident happen. It’s important to realize that your coverage protects you from others as well. Having insurance is the law in California. Premium rates vary so research potential providers for a good price. Keeping your driving record clean of tickets and accidents is a smart thing to do. Also, since it is travel season, remember to ask your provider if you are covered for driving rental cars. If not, car rental agencies offer coverage for a small fee.

· Share a Ride and so much more. For some people ride sharing has changed their commutes for the better. It’s not for everyone. But if you can find a friend or co-worker who is up for it you both will save money splitting the cost of car care and gas. You’ll also have extra time because you get to drive in the carpool lane. If you ride share with 1 or 2 other people there will be 1 or 2 less cars on the road adding to the OC smog. An added bonus is that there’s always someone to talk to and you’re never alone. Unfortunately, this isn’t a bonus for some people who will likely never be ride-sharing friendly. But you never know.

· Keeping others safe. Now that you own a car you are responsible for the safety of those who travel with you. This is a huge responsibility. Many lives have been harmed by actions meant to bring fun, but instead brought devastation. Speed, distracted driving, texting while driving, and driving under the influence put you, the passengers in your car and those on the road in grave danger. Everyone should take a pledge as often as possible to eliminate these behaviors. You can make a positive difference in the world by doing so. All lives matter.

As summer moves forward the team at Becker Tire wants to wish you a safe and fun-filled season. Please stop by one of our shops in Orange, Anaheim or our newest store in Fountain Valley. Visit www.beckertire.net to set an appointment or give us a call. Don’t forget our mobile service will meet you where you are. Just call 1–888–799–7909 and make an appointment. ’Til next time, be safe out there on the road.

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Written by Anne Kruse