Delusions of grandeur

Delusions of grandeur build up my ego
Into a very unsteady structure
Welded with high volumes of wire
Twisted in the block of my mind
Wording things with miscommunication
While a thought splits off into another
Turning bigger in sizes in only seconds
Risking sleep over ideas and projects
That then morph into one another
Wondering if everything your’e doing
Will ever make sense to anyone
And why it all matters to you anyway
Perfection turns into obsession
While losing the strength to keep the eyes open
Becoming an essential problem
You should maybe be addressing
But something in your mind keeps going
Pouring out every emotion you have onto paper
Riding the wave until your mind is completely fucked
And filled with nonsense
You worked hard all day thinking
What ever this is and the meaning
Behind Pouring out your every internal feeling
Out onto paper then onto the internet