LearnEe …

So, for this assignment we’re creating an e-learning app (or two) for Ride To Work Day. I need to document my research & build, sooooo …..

1. What devices will it be used on? PC, interactive whiteboard, & iPad

What does that mean for your designs?

  • Does it need to be responsive? Yes
  • Will the devices have an internet connection? Possibly, but iPad app should be independent of internet
  • How powerful is the device? Reasonably fast
  • What technology will the devices support (Flash?) I don’t know enough yet to answer this question

2. How will the learning resource be accessed by the user?

  • How will the learning resource be delivered to the user? Download app (for iPad), hyperlink (for PC)
  • CD / DVD? No, unless Kellogg’s in a healthy mood want to put a CD in a cereal box
  • Over the internet? Yes
  • Via an app? Yes, but because internet speed in schools is pathetic, the app should not require connection once installed

3. How will the learning resource be delivered to the user?

  • What types of content will it need to support? Text, images, animation (I don’t yet know how to do animation)
  • Images? Yes
  • Video? No
  • Interactives? (Quizz, Games etc) Yes
  • Text Yes

4. What are the required assessment features?

  • What are the required assessment features? Cannot find in brief, may be in future modules?
  • Quiz
  • Drag and Drop
  • True or False

5. What is your budget?

  • Sometimes free is a budget Good to know
  • Is your budge time based? Yes: estimate from experience how long process will take/how annoying process will be, and quote accordingly

6. How technical is your team? What team?

  • When the time comes to create the resources and content what are the capabilities of your team?
  • Do they need a WYSIWYG? (What you see is what you get — editor)
  • Do they know code?

7. You then need to research the available delivery platforms and consider how each one stacks up against your requirements

One version is for school kids, and the platforms kids use in school are PC/Mac, interactive whiteboard, and iPad. A well-designed app could go across all three platforms.

I last worked in a non-education environment in 1996, before iPhones and iPads existed; so my memory of employers goes something like “can be forced to use a computer but isn’t particularly good at it”. Whether or not an employer would use an iPad would depend on his age. Some executives are screen savvy and some are not. They cannot depend on their employees all owning iPhones (many prefer Samsung, etc). Therefore, I would imagine that PC would be a safe option.

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