What is the Best Tool for Rapid Prototyping in 2015?

The importance of wireframe and prototyping tools is rather unnecessary to explain. Whether you’re building a mobile application, a website or a web application, wireframing/mockups acts as your skeleton assisting in building better products and reduce the cost and risk involved in developing complex interactive systems. Prototyping tools are a dime a dozen and there is no BEST one. It all depends on personal preference and design style. If you prefer the rapid prototyping, then you can’t go pass Mockplus which is aimed at making the complex simple. Mockplus team believe that simple solutions are the best ones and it do make this become a reality.

Rapid prototyping tool-Mockplus

Mockplus is a code-free, easy-to-learn and use prototyping tool providing a thoroughly simple way to visualize a complicated idea. Let’s look at some of its features to see why Mockplus is an ideal solution for rapid prototyping.

Code-Free Prototyping

Mockplus allows you to create prototypes without writing a single line of code or any technical knowledge. If you are a newbie in UX industry or weak in coding — so Mockplus is your perfect tool to turn your idea into reality. If you are a guru, Mockplus is your perfect choice as well. It will save you from worrying about codes getting messed up somewhere and going through each line one by one just to find where that errant code is.

200 Pre-Designed Components and 400 Built-In Icons

Mockplus comes with almost 200 pre-made components and 400 built-in icons, making your prototype work more efficient than ever. They include a numerous number of iOS, Android and website buttons, menus, tabs, and title bars that will fit perfectly into any of your projects. All items can be edited and customized and they are all drag-and-drop simple to use.

Pre-built icons and components improve design productivity

Clean and Intuitive Interface

A complicated piece of work such as website design is not something that can be watered down in three steps and I believe most designers would love to get more done in a given day. If you are short on time, you need a tool like Mockplus to help you increase design productivity. With the intuitive interface, you are able to build your prototypes without any learning even though you have never used it before. You can totally focus on your design instead of spending time on learning the design tools.

Clean and intuitive interface

Fast Prototypes & Innovative Features

The Group feature offers an easy way to improve your design efficiency. It combines several components to create one, customized component that may be edited and nested or un-grouped. Pages and components may be cloned in a single-click. Productivity is further enhanced by an easy-access page and component libraries. The coming soon Masters will be available that enable changes made to be globally applied across the prototype.

Prototype fast and easily

Previewing Prototypes is Much Easier

With just one-click, Mockplus will generate your design to an HTML that can be viewed in IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Stakeholders, developers, and testers can preview and interact with your prototype without installing Mockplus. Your prototypes can also be shared and previewed on mobile devices without the need to transfer them via USB or publish the prototypes remotely. It will work just like the real app.

collaboration is much easier

Sketch Style

By using the hand-drawn styled components, each line and control will stay just as how you drew it, with your inspiration flowing freely. Design time will be just like coffee time.

Although Mockplus is newly released and may be an unfamiliar name in the prototyping app industry but it could be a great alternative for fast prototyping. If you are looking for a simple yet feature rich prototyping tool, you should check out Mockplus.