April Side Income and May Goals

I know that sharing how much money I make each month is kind of a strange thing to some people. It took a lot of convincing myself to share this with you guys, because I don’t want to look like I am flaunting anything. This is just my extra income report, and doesn’t include any salary related jobs. Before I started blogging, I read a lot about side hustling and making money online with blogging. I knew I wanted to eventually work for myself, so I thought what is the harm in trying?

Many other bloggers post their income reports as well, and you can find my roundup post on them here. The ones I highlighted vary from brand new blogs (at the time) to successful, long running blogs. Each person has their own technique for making their money, and some of them even quit their 9–5 jobs to make blogging their full time gig.

Take these reports, and the ones I shared, as inspiration that if this is something you want to do — you can! It just takes a little hard work and dedication, but for most people it is all worth it in the end to work for themselves.

I am just starting — 3 months in! So most of my side income right now comes from hustling outside of the blog. There are so many ways you can create side income, and I have a great list compiled here for you that is always being updated as I try new things.

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