10. Haters will be Haters

I ummed and arred about whether I should be writing about this and normally if I’ve ummed and arred then it was probably a bad idea.

In every job there will always be someone that doesn’t like you, fair enough. Your job isn’t meant to make you the most liked person in the whole company; besides for me that would be incredibly difficult with 11 offices, and I’ve lost count of how many interactions I’ve had with different people who have worked and are still are working for the same company.

Whatever your job situation is, in the professional world, criticism, constructive or otherwise, is everywhere and it is impossible to avoid and hard to know when to take it seriously. The thing is, you don’t always want to ignore the comments on things you’re doing wrong and things you could be better.

For the record, I don’t actually dislike anyone in my current company but I just always seem to run into this highly-strung set of people. The outcome of these run-ins is never pleasant and they always leave me feeling like I’ve done something wrong. Thankfully my boss seems to agree with me on most occasions and with a discussed plan of action, i.e. avoiding the highly strung people, I think I’ll do just fine. It would seem that nothing I do in relation to these people comes out positively. I now don’t take it as personally as I did before and I try not to be as affected by these people.