12. Gin Lates

Following a rather wet week, I finished it with an evening out with one of my good friends. We went to the Geffrye Museum’s Late which was gin themed.

Now I’m quite picky with my alcohol, I’m not a fan of beer because I have a delicate palate and can alway taste the hops that always seem bitter. I’m no longer a fan of cider because it was either too dry for my mouth or so sweet that I might as well just to eat sugar rather than drinking it. But gin is currently the drink for me and I drink it neat! I guess this goes with how I prefer not to have any condiments on my food in order to enjoy the taste of the actual item I’m eating.

We arrived at its starting time and there were already quite a few people milling around. I do like the Geffrye Museum, even though it is small in its exhibition. Their gardens are always beautiful and filled with a very large assortment of plants and colours. We got to taste a new gin from the bottled water company One Difference. Branded as a British gin inspired by the world, it uses 9 types of botanicals that can be found around the world plus one quintessentially British botanical — Sage. This gin has already hit shops and I am already enjoying it on the rocks with the sun shining.

Drink responsibly.