5. Making it a Habit

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

A firm reminder from Aristotle that success doesn’t come overnight but it’s the discipline that does get you from one point to the next.

In our everyday lives — and I’m sure that others can agree — creating a habit is pretty difficult. (unless you count the bad ones like nail biting, which I’m sure was purely by accident). There are so many guides and books, tips and tricks of how to keep us on the straight and narrow but there are still plenty of distractions that can still take us off course.

The main tip I would offer is to make goals and break them down into smaller bits. Everyone has the ultimate goal that they want to achieve, whether it is running a marathon, losing weight, writing a book, or something else that you wish to achieve. But by breaking down your goal into what seems like the minimum amount of work it would help you make your goal a reality because you are doing it every day.

For me, my goal is to get back into blogging and my bite size goal is this 100 Naked Words project, where I write a minimum of 100 words. Eventually I might stop writing just 100 words a day and it might take me a few days to finish off one awesome blog post but it would have felt a more natural thing to do. A bit today, a bit more tomorrow and look — time flies, and there is a regular populated blog.

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